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Welcome to the fantasy sports movement!

Fandom Cup’s movement is disrupting fantasy sports gaming for

the better and creating the sports fan ultimate experience.



We give you the right to be a fan again!

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Fandom Cup is the first 100% team-based fantasy sports game.

Pick your teams and then root for them. No more worrying about individual
player performance.

  • Your Fandom is made up of teams.

  • Use your salary cap to select your teams.

  • Cheer for your teams to score a lot of points.

  • Don’t stress about what individual players are doing.

  • Be a fan again!

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Fandom Cup allows you to incorporate all sports at all levels from

any country into your league.

  • Includes all professional and minor sports.

  • Includes college sports (DI, DII, DIII).

  • Includes International Sports (F1 Racing, Soccer, Rugby, etc.)

  • Includes individual sports (Golf, Tennis, Motorsports, etc.)

  • If it’s a sport you like, it’s available!

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Fandom Cup can be customized to be the ultimate sports experience for you and your friends! You pick the sports you want and the length of your season.

  • Only play the sports you want.

  • Choose league play or daily play.

  • Choose the length of your season.

  • Choose how many days a week you want to play.

  • Play as often as you like!

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Fandom Cup is the only fantasy sports platform that uses actual results to determine the winner.

  • Your score is based on your teams' offensive total for that day.

  • For individual sports your score is based on where they finish in the race or tournament.

  • Your league is grouped by sport category.

  • A win in the soccer category is worth just as much as a win in a basketball category even though basketball scores more points.

  • Your team can lose their game but can still perform well if they have a high score!


Fandom Cup offers 1903 sporting leagues and counting including professional, minor, and collegiate on six continents.


Fandom Cup offers 98765 sports teams and individual competitors within the 1903 sporting leagues.


How does Fandom Cup work?

Create League

As the commissioner you will create a customizable league, select the sports leagues to play and invite others to play.

Select Teams

Simply select your teams for each sporting category and stay under the salary cap. To help you with your selections team stats are just a click away.

Watch and Enjoy!

Follow your teams' real-time results, check league standings. And finally watch and enjoy the games!

Fandom Cup Changes Fantasy Sports for the Better... you get to pick teams rather than players. That’s right, you finally have the chance to be a fan of your favorite team again!

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Article, April 2016


We put the Fan back in Fantasy!


Edge Stats and Analysis

Fandom Cup offers stats and analysis called Edge Stats. The most complete resource of Fandom Cup sports statistics available anywhere. Edge Stats comprises of real-time team stats, standings, and results. The ability to take the most current team stats into consideration ensures you will always be selecting the best possible team come game time. And for those who want more in-depth stats analysis, reports, and expert opinions then Edge Stat Advantage is your path to win the Cup!

  • Fantasy Owner & Sports Fan

    Regain Enthusiasm for Favorite Team

    “I play fantasy for the bragging rights for winning. Just another competitive game. We all love sports and we always feel we can do a better job than the high paid GMs and owners that do this for real. This is our way of proving it.' Blake

  • Fantasy Player

    Minimal Stats to Analyze

    “I play fantasy because it entertains me. It entertains me by making me laugh at how fantasy football every year seems like it is becoming more luck oriented than anything else, which is what makes it all the more frustrating when you do all the work and preparations just for luck to take over and screw you in the end.” Derek

  • Hometown Fan

    Team-Based Concept

    “I have fun hanging with friends. Makes the games much more interesting. However, if there is something I don’t like about playing fantasy - even though it’s enjoyable for the most part - sometimes, I feel guilty if I am rooting for players that are playing against my home team.” Tony

  • Fantasy Sports Rookie

    Easily Adaptable by Novice Fans

    “I've always wanted to play fantasy sports but I just don’t have the time or the interest in keeping up with all the players. I would love a league where I can just pick my favorite teams and compete against my husband and our friends.” Lisa

  • World Sports Fan

    International Sports

    'We wanted to create a platform that opened the fantasy sports door to international fans.'


We feel your pain and hear your voice!

Fandom Cup was developed for the fantasy sports player and sports fans alike. At Fandom Cup...

At Fandom Cup we are disrupting the traditional player-based formula for fantasy sports. We were outraged about what traditional fanasy sports games had done to our game watching experience. So why settle for the status quo when there is something so much better out there? Go back to rooting for teams again!

Fantasy Sports Stress

Rooting for individual players, rooting for players going against your favorite team, getting mad when the fullback vultures your running back’s touchdown, stressing over questionable injury designations and game time decisions.

Score Equalizer

Fandom Cup results are all based on offensive points scored, but you want to root for your defense as well to get the ball back in the hands of your offense. The only time you root for individual players in Fandom Cup are in individuals sports where they belong like golf, tennis and motorsports! In those sports you root for your player's performance in their race, match or tournament!

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Better Way to Play

As our founder Rob Meinert says, “There has to be a better way”. Well that better way is here and we call it Fandom Cup. It’s the first 100% team-based fantasy game that allows you to be a fan again. We hope you decide to come along for the ride and begin your quest for the cup today!


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