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Fandom Cup Beginnings

Fandom Cup has a long history in that 14 years ago my brother created a game, just for the family, based our favorite sports teams across 6 sports, called the Meinert Cup and still being played today. Over the course of the year he tracks the performance, through assigning points (wins, losses, and playoffs), of our selected teams (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, College, PGA) on a spreadsheet. The one with the most points at the end of the year wins the Meinert Cup. An actual trophy cup that is engraved with the winner’s name and year and is passed from winner to winner. And in July of 2014 I mentioned the idea to a group of friends and the game was born.

Fandom Cup’s Evolution

In the last 29 months we have taken the original core concepts of the Meinert Cup and transformed it into Fandom Cup a fantasy sports platform based on sports teams’ not individual players. In the process we have changed, modified, revised, adapted, and improved the original game into a robust fantasy sports platform which a veteran of fantasy sports would appreciate with all of the details of creating a customized game and the complexities of winning strategies. However, the platform allows fans of sports, which are looking for an alternative to traditional fantasy sports (individual players); to select and follow their favorite sports teams while engaged in a competitive competition which is straightforward and exciting. And finally, Fandom Cup preserves its original core concepts of a fun and easy fantasy sports game in which the entire family and circle of friends can participate in a safe social environment.

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