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It’s not Fantasy, It’s Sports.

You've been thinking about playing fantasy sports but have yet to take the plunge. Your friends sent an invitation, and you've thought about it, but so far, no dice. Either you think it's too hard or it'll take up too much time. Look, there are several reasons why you should play fantasy sports. You can win money. You can smack talk your friends after a big win. You can feel like a real manager by making player transactions. Fantasy sports are the main driver of pro sports recent growth. However, there is one aspect fantasy sports neglects, the players’ favorite teams. There are growing pains with fantasy sports players. This is the conflict between rooting for their favorite teams or there fantasy players.

True Sports Fans

True Sports Fan

The True Sports Fan They don’t root for the opposing team players; there not watching 10 games simultaneously; and they know every player. They all come together from all walks of life at that moment in time to root for their favorite team. They will cheer for great plays and yell out when things go wrong. It’s the life of a sports fan. It’s the long lasting emotional state that drives sports fans. Ask a Yankees fan about the 2001 World Series vs the Diamondbacks and they most likely get a pain in their stomach and perhaps a tear in their eye, even after 13 years. With the Yankees ahead 2–1 in the bottom of the eighth, manager Joe Torre turned the game over to his ace closer Mariano Rivera for a two-inning save. Rivera struck out the side in the eighth. In the 9th Inning with the bases loaded Luis Gonzalez lofted a soft single over the drawn-in Derek Jeter that barely reached the outfield grass, plating Jay Bell with the winning run. This ended New York's bid for a fourth consecutive title and brought Arizona its first championship within its fourth year of existence, making the Diamond backs the fastest expansion team to win a World Series.

Sunday Mornings

You don’t have to set the alarm on Sunday morning (West Coast) to remind you to get up and set your team or check the status of players prior to the 10am kickoffs. Instead you can sleep in or treat yourself for a round of golf. You’re not running into the sports bar at 1pm on a Sunday begging the server to put the Browns/Rams game on one of the little TV's so you can follow your tight end (TE). Instead you’re walking into the sports bar after taking your wife to breakfast or a round of golf to enjoy watching your favorite team play.

Keep in Touch

You can keep in touch with old friends and make new ones Forget about social networks. How many more times can you scroll through postings involving Candy Crush or cutest kitten videos, or quirky sayings like ``My therapist says wine makes everything better!`` After all, it can be deflating to see cousins and former school-friends routinely boasting about their career successes, holidays or new children. It seems like everybody is having a better time than you. Your friends on social networks may be more likely to trumpet their successes than failures, which can give a skewed picture of what life is really like. Well there is one aspect of life where the truth can’t be hidden, on the sports field. Your friends and family won’t be able to hide the fact that there favorite sports team may have sucked during the last game or last year. Sports fans have created a social network long before the birth of the internet. The stadiums, the neighborhood bar, the family room, and the ball cap.

We give you the right, to be a fan again.

Right now, you only really have in depth knowledge of your fantasy team players. You probably couldn’t name the starting lineup of your favorite team anymore. My dad, and most likely your dad or uncle, could name the starting lineup of their favorite teams from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. And… You won’t panic on Sunday morning when you realize your star quarterback is on a bye. You will wake up Sunday morning to enjoy your family, take the wife to breakfast without consistently checking the player’s updated status. You won’t be concerned with “probably”, “questionable”, “injured”, or “out”. You won’t have that “ah fxxx” moment when you check your team on Friday and find out that a starting player was “out” during the Thursday night game. You got 0 points for that position and you’re head-to-head with your boss.

Rooting Interest

Even if your favorite team sucks, you still have a rooting interest If your favorite team is 0-4 by the first week of October, no problem the Site is only concerned about the score of the games not the win/loss. For instance: Your favorite team is the Rams and you’re head-to-head with your boss whose favorite team are the Cowboys. The Rams are playing the Seahawks. The Cowboys are playing the Bears. The Rams/Seahawks final score is 31-34 Rams lose. The Cowboys/Bears final score is 28-21. The Cowboys won. You would be awarded the win even though the Rams lost because they out-scored the Cowboys. So now you can root for your favorite team again! Sure fantasy players will argue that fantasy sports is more exciting and give will you an example of when their player on a Monday night on the last play of the game snatched victory from the jaws of defeat to give your fantasy the win. But no one else will care… its just fantasy.

New York Bar

You can’t go to bar in New York, as a New York Giants fan, and reminisce about the time when the Eagles trailed the Giants 24-3 at halftime, but scored three touchdowns in a little more than a six-minute span in the fourth quarter to draw even. Then with just 14 seconds left, the Giants were forced to punt, and rookie punter Matt Dodge was instructed by Giants’ head coach Tom Coughlin to punt the ball away from DeSean Jackson. Dodge didn’t follow through on those orders and Jackson ended up taking the punt back 65 yards for the game-winning score. DeSean Jackson who propelled your fantasy team to victory in the week’s head-to-head matchup upon the longest game-winning touchdown on the final play of regulation since 1960, it also ended up being the deciding game in the NFC East race. In which both teams were 9-4 entering this game, but thanks to this improbable, last-second victory, the Eagles grabbed a one-game lead over the Giants. That was all the difference as both finished with identical 10-6 records, but the Eagles won the NFC East title by virtue of their 4-2 divisional record. Even though they won 10 games, the Giants didn’t even make it into the playoffs that season. And if you do you may end up in the East River, Good Luck!

Sports Fans

Last Player

The “Last Player” You’re not scrambling three hours prior to draft time to find that one player to make your league even. Odd teams welcomed. And it’s usually not your friend but a friend of the guy who was brought into your league last year by another friend who no longer plays. So now you’re in the “Six Degrees of Separation” league and don’t know anyone.